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How can I order projectiles?

Projectiles can be ordered by sending an email to atomic29projectiles@gmail.com, message via Facebook or directly text 0407 136 591. We will need an email or mobile number to send an invoice as well as a postal address and desired quantity. Shipping is currently $13 and is included on the tax invoice. Payment details are on the invoice, and once a funds transfer has been completed, we will deliver via Express Post, anywhere in Australia. A tracking number will be sent so you can track delivery.

What reloading data do you recommend?

We recommend you use a Nick Harvey manual
Do your projectiles exit game or remain in the animal?
Generally, the projectiles exit, but a certain amount are found under hide and skin. Copper projectiles have very good penetrating ability.
What are the grooves in the projectile body for?
The grooves reduce the bearing surface, thereby dropping pressure. They also allow copper to flow back from the rifling and reduce fouling.
Can they be run subsonic?

Sorry, they are not designed to be run slow. They will not work well.

Where do you source copper?

The copper normally is sourced from South Korea by an Australian company.

Why is it called Atomic 29?
The name comes from the elemental table with copper being listed with an atomic number of 29.
How are they made?

They are machined from solid copper bar stock in a CNC machine.

What speed are the projectiles supposed to be run at?
Each projectile is made to operate at the average speed that cartridge is designed for. For example, the 30/30 135 grn is designed to work around the speed that the 30/30 win will push it, around 2300 to 2400 fps
How fast can I run them?
Copper does well at a higher speed. For example, if you normally run a 308 win 155 grn, at 2800 fps, if you can safely increase the speed to 3000 fps, the projectile will still perform well.
Can the projectiles be used for target shooting?
We have had good accuracy results at distance but they are designed as a hunting bullet foremost.
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